The sound as you never seen it before

lamogui is an audio player tool performing real-time signal processing on music files while reading them. Theses processing computes different values noise, clean, distord and linear but also more classical values like bass or fft. lamogui provide a new way to see sound with the 60Hz (or 50Hz) scope and a whole new high refresh rate spectrum used to detect note in real-time (with 20ms of latency + hardware latency). lamogui is designed for electronic music (dubstep, electro, techno, trance, trap, hardstyle, chiptune, progressive) but can also be used with any kind of music.

A new way to see sound

With the 60Hz scope lamogui provide a new way to see sound. You see the shape transformation of the music while the song is played. You see the noise effect on the signal when the snare play or while the artist use noise sounds. You see when frequency is increased.

Real-time note detection

lamogui is able to detect notes in real-time with very short ranges (60Hz !) even for bass notes. It doesn't use a classic fft too slower to combine precision and short-latency but a special algorithm dedicated to music. lamogui cannot detect bass notes during a drum kick but can approximate which bass note is being played with this algorithm. lamogui don't care of any harmonic and only analyse the fundamental.

Very simple to use !

To use lamogui you just need to drag and drop your file(s) into the window. lamogui can decode .ogg natively but can also decode .mp3, .m4a, .wav, .flac and other common formats with the bass library. lamogui start much faster than vlc player and read nearly the same number of formats.


I have a lot of work, and didn't find the time to do a proper release yet. Here is an old version (the same that I used to make the video) which need a lot of improvement partially implemented in unreleased version. Use it at your own risk. Download ! (Win64) (Mirror)